As a new business order, I’ve found Skyrocket Promo Twitter service to be invaluable. It’s helped my kickstart my company’s Twitter account like I would have never imagined. Starting with tons of followers and retweets helps tremendously and has already lead to acquiring new customers. I’m staying subscribed for sure

Diana Richards

I ordered 100k USA YouTube views with no extra addons on June 1st, and today my order was completed. All I can say is BRAVO SOP! My video gained over 136k views and almost 1800 likes, with 95% of viewers from the US. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Anna White

We ordered a million plays for our company video for some serious social proof. The results immediately afterwards were very pleasing. We sent out a PR and the sales we gain afterwards were beyond anything we could have expected. Day 1 and we had a 620% boost in sales. A week after and we’re still at 190% above the before average. We’ve already paid for the service 5 fold over. Easy 5 stars.

Jacob Firebird

As a long-time customer, SOP never ceases to amaze me. The followers look very real and never drop, the automatic retweets service is FREAKING AMAZING and SO FAST! The moment I tweet, I’m getting retweets and favorites. And lets not forget the WONDERFUL sponsored mentions, thats helped my account really grow within my niches. 15/10 stars, everytime!

George Greenweb designer

I got 50,000 views on Vimeo after reading tons of great reviews from SOP. Not only did I get the reviews but some likes and comments as well, and it was spread out across multiple weeks. I don’t know if the views from SOP were actually real or they attracted others but it worked better than I expected so I’m happy. 🙂

Stefan Sweet

Our business created a new video to promote us, and we used SOP to promote the video. In a few hours we started seeing views and likes. Currently we’re sitting at 13,042 views. Great work.

Miriam Orange


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